All about polarised lenses

Why you should consider getting polarised lenses for better and clearer vision

Created in the 1920s by scientist and founder of Polaroid, Edwin Land, polarised lenses are the recommended choice by experts for ensuring good vision while out in the sun. Polarised lenses are known to reduce glare and protect from UV exposure, giving you clearer vision. Glare is caused by horizontal light rays hitting reflective surfaces like the road or water.

Light travels in different directions. While vertical light is useful and has no real effect on our vision, it’s the horizontal light that causes glare. When this light hits reflective surfaces like the road or water, Polarised lenses are able to block horizontal light thanks to a special filter that only allows vertical light to pass through. Our diagram below demonstrates how it works.

Polarised lenses make simple tasks like driving, cycling and spending time with family easy, as you’re able to see clearly. Plus, not just great for summer, polarised lenses work well all year round as glare and UV exposure can still be a problem in low season.

We have hundreds of polarised sunglasses from top designers and available in great colours and shapes. Find the perfect style for you and discover our range of polarised sunglasses now!


Ray-Ban RB3025 Crystal Brown 001/57 58mm Polarised
Ray-Ban Justin RB4165 Black 622/T3 54mm Polarised

Ray-Ban Erika RB4171 Tortoise 710/T5 54mm Polarised
Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh RB4101 Black Crystal 601/58 58mm Polarised


Oakley Jupiter Squared OO9135-07 Woodgrain 009135-07 56mm Polarised
Oakley Frogskins OO9013-24 Matte Black 55mm Polarised

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 OO9144-04 Black 62mm Polarised


Polaroid PLD6042/S Black 807 49mm Polarised
Polaroid PLD4068/S Havana 086 55mm Polarised

Polaroid PLD6033/S Dark Havana 086 57mm Polarised
Polaroid PLD6041/S Black 807 56mm Polarised


Serengeti Bianca Glitter Tortoise 55mm Polarised
Serengeti Nuvola 7359 Shiny Black 48mm Polarised

Serengeti Maestrale 7356 Satin Black 65mm Polarised
Serengeti Valentina 8567 Dark Tortoise 57mm Polarised